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Three great books from a widely travelled author, guest speaker and Arctic student


Altimeter Rising: My 50 Years in the Cockpit
By Allan MacNutt
with Norman Avery

This autobiography covers Al MacNutt's 50 years of piloting many different aircraft over many countries of the world. The book goes from his early years as a bright faced 18year old straight from his father's farm in Prince Edward Island training to fly Seafires for the Royal Navy Fleet in 1942 to his final commercial flying days flying fires bombers. 

The PBY Canso, P38, Mosquito, Seafire and Vampire are especially dear to his heart as is the DC3.

A good read for pilots of all ages and experience levels.





Canada's Arctic Sovereignty
By Allan MacNutt

The author shows respect for Inuit I.Q., covers Dene politics, and enjoys the joie de vivre of the Metis and their ongoing conflicts with the white man and his impact on their lives and culture.

With rapidly changing weather patterns, Canada's northern waterways are now open and not adequately protected.

This book seeks support for bringing Canada's troops home from war ravaged, drug infested overseas assignments to protect northern sovereignty, an expanded Canadian Rangers force and more R.C.M.P.  needed to supplement our meagre military presence in the north.

Canada's wealth of buried resources, the bloated bureacracy of the 3  Territories, and the deplorable lifestyle of northern aboriginals, need immediate attention. While countries are prepared to kill for access to oil, sovereignty is at stake while our leaders are wrangling over politics in Ottawa.

This is an educational book for all ages.



a biography of
Carl F. Burke
Canadian Aviation Pioneer
By Allan MacNutt

This biography of Carl F. Burke tells of his meteoric rise from a $12.00 a week hardware clerk in PEI to fame and fortune in Civil Aviation in Canada. Assisted by the fierce loyalty of staff, tight financial control, lucrative contracts, clever planning and faultless timing, Burke soared to aviation prominence. This book,  written with the assistance of surviving ex-employees, friends and family of Mr. Burke is a good read for aviation buffs everywhere. Mr. Burke's foresight resulted in a lucrative contract when the Distant Early Warning Line was being set up in 1954.

The author was awarded the 2003 P.E.I. Heritage Award for this contribution to PEI history.