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Around the World Wall Hanging


This is an Amish quilt from the book The Simple Joys of Quilting; 30 Timeless Quilt Projects, by Joan Hanson and Mary Hickey.

This quilt, was first pieced and hand quilted by the Amish of Sipshewana, Indiana in 1994. I wasn't so sure about it when I started out. The plain bright colours really aren't my style, but my husband really liked it. We've been minimizing a lot in the last year and the walls are looking stark. We wanted something to brighten them up. The more I worked with it the more I liked it.

These are the blocks sewn together ready for the borders.

blocks sewn together

For the border I decided to use a navy "cracked ice" fabric rather than a plain navy to see if I could tone down the overall brightness of it.

I had help hand basting the quilt for quilting. This is my original quilt cat Ben who passed away in March 2004 from Liver Cancer.

Ben the Cat

As you can see the machine quilting of the squares added a nice texture. I used a low loft poly/cotton batt. Because I will be using it for a wall hanging I didn't want anything too heavy... I want it to hang nicely.

machine stitching

Then I added a maroon border and hand quilted a chain design.

maroon fabric

View of my hand quilting on the back of the border

hand quilting

And finally here it is hanging in our front hall. I just love the splash of colour it gives us.

around the world wall hanging

graphics by Shirley Ellen