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Welcome, or welcome back.  I've decided to change the format of my site, once again. I find it tedious having to enter the names and URL's of new pages in a side menu so I have added a feature to my site map which allows pages to open in a separate window. When you are done reading one page just close it and the site map page will still be there for you to make another choice. 

For my first time visitors, my pages contain inspirational readings, thoughts, etc that I have received from email friends. All of the things that I post have spoken to me. They have helped me in my growth as a human being and my growth in recovery. It is my hope that they will speak to you too. Take what you like and leave the rest. 

If you come across anything that you recognize and I haven't been able to give credit because I don't know the author and you do please let me know so that I can give them credit. All of my backgrounds have been made by me in Paint Shop Pro. My graphics come from various sources including photographs, credit free things I've found on the internet, and scanned pictures from cards, magazines, PSP Tube sites, etc. Some of the images I have made myself in Paint Shop Pro.

Please visit often as I update my pages as I find the time to do so.. Above all, enjoy your visit.

One Day At A Time